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The International Symposium on Fluid Power hosted by the Japan Fluid Power System Society (JFPS) has been held every three years since 1989. This symposium aims participants to shear the latest achievements about fluid power technology, including hydraulics, pneumatics, functional fluids etc. Our colleagues are from all over the world, USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Korea, China, Taiwan, Australia etc., and Japan. The last symposium was held in Matsue, Japan, October 28-31, 2014, attracting 240 participants with amazing achievements of fluid power technology.
You are always welcomed to participate in this attractive symposium!
Coming symposium
The 11th JFPS International Symposium on Fluid Power HAKODATE 2020
October 14-16, 2020
10th Symposium Fukuoka 2017 Oct. 24-27, 2017  
9th Symposium Matsue 2014 Oct. 28-31, 2014  
8th Symposium Okinawa 2011 Oct. 25-28, 2011  
7th Symposium Toyama 2008 Sept. 15-18, 2008  
6th Symposium Tsukuba 2005 Nov. 7-10, 2005  
5th Symposium Nara 2002 Nov. 12-15, 2002 (J-STAGE)
4th Symposium Tokyo 1999 Nov. 14-17, 1999 (J-STAGE)
3rd Symposium Yokohama1996 Nov. 3-6, 1996 (J-STAGE)
2nd Symposium Tokyo 1993 Sept. 6-9, 1993 (J-STAGE)
1st Symposium Tokyo 1989 Mar. 13-16, 1989 (J-STAGE)